ORTRAIT CARICATURE EVENT “Guillermo Mordillo”..  The great Argentine cartoonist Guillermo Mordillo is dead. Union of World Cartoonists (UWC) are organizing a portrait cartoon event in memory of Mordillo. Please send your portraits to uwcartoonists@gmail.com until 10 July 2019. The selected cartoons will be collected and published in a virtual album as UWC. We are commemorate the great […]

Prize Winners Of The 14th International Humor Hall Of Limeira 2018 – Sp Brasil

CHARGE Luc Descheemaeker_BÉLGICA CARTUM ARMEN HAMONANGAN_INDONÉSIA CARICATURA ARIEL SILVA_SP_SÃO CARLOS QUADRINHOS ALISSON ORTIZ AFFONSO_RIO GRANDE DIGITAL Shankar Pamarthy_ÍNDIA INTERART FERNANDO CARVALL_SP_SÃO PAULO 10 MENÇÕES HONROSAS Yang Lijie_CHINA Shahrokh Heidarii_FRANÇA Mohsen Zarifian_IRÃ Yousef Alimohammadi_IRÃ Joanna Wasiak-Bassa_POLÔNIA Elham Jahanfard_IRÃ André Bethlem_RJ_Rio de Janeiro Marcelo Ferreira_SP_Atibaia Michel Moro Gomez_CUBA Marcos Venicius Monteiro_CE_Fortaleza

Let’s Share The ART !

Hardalist, is the “Social Blah-Blah” that allows you to create fun posts with magic tools and lets you to share them on other social or non-social platforms. It contains “bubble-free” artwork (cartoons, comics, illustrations etc.) that everyone can use freely. You can make your own art by adding any bubble (speech, thought, scream) you want. […]