Official Results of the 4th MIKS “Black Sails”, Sisak 2018, Croatia

Opening and Announcement of the winner of the 4th International Caricature Exhibition MIKS “Black Sails” 2018 (Sisak, Croatia) – June 29, 2018 Sisak City Museum.

Official results:
In the competition of 885 authors from 87 countries and 2388 papers.

The international jury composed of:
Julian Pena Pai (Romania)
Andrea Pecchia (Italy)
Jit Koestana (Indonesia)
Fowzy Morsy (Egypt)
Luc Deschheemaeker (Belgium)
Krešimir Galović (Croatia)
Capt. Nenad Ostojić (Croatia).
announced the winners of 4 editions of MIKS “Black Sails” –
Međunaronda cartoon exhibition in Sisak (Croatia).


1st Prize: Igor Smirnov (Russia)

2nd Prize: Marcin Bondarowicz (Poland)

3rd Third Prize: Slawomir Makal (Poland).

MIKS Special Mentions:

Luc Vernimmen (Belgium)
Andrei Popov (Russia)
Elena Ospina (Colombia)
Marco De Angelis (Italy)
Grzondziel Krzysztof (Poland)
Eshan Ganji (Iran)
Konstantin Kazanchev (Ukraine)
Julio Cesar Ibarra Warnes (Argentina)
Regis Teixeira (Brazil)
Klaus Pitter (Austria)
Doborslav Bob Živković (Serbia).

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