Committee for choosing the best 100 cartoons for the international virtual exhibition” leave no one behind” in support for the blind people in our societies..we have declared choosing the best one hundred artificial work out of two hundred and forty nine participating work and published the date of publishing the international virtual exhibition on our page as well as the pages of our partners in 28 October at two o’clock pm and it was not published then because l was ill and other members of the committee were involved in other artificial activities. .today we declare the names of the committee of choosing. Our new appointment will be at the seventeen November 2018 on our page and on pages of our partners in Azerbaijan. .Italy. ..Germany. .Jordan. .Britain. .Turkey and Norway and as gratitude and appreciation gesture for all those who took part with us and supported every blind person in our societies we will grant estimate certificates for one hundred and fifty-six cartoonists around the world .. and we promise you with more humanitarian initiatives which contribute in spreading the spirit of cooperation, love and peace among peoples everywhere ..we are the voice of the voiceless and tribune for those who have no one and you are welcome every time!.
Thank you!.
Best regards,
*Fadi Abou Hassan | FadiToOn.
Editor in chief of Cartoon Home Network International | CHNI.
*Cartoon Home Network International | CHNI team.

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