Winners of the 5th International Competition “Stop Censorship! Citizens for Free Countries”, organized by the NGO Centre UA, were announced in Kyiv .

The Contest, long listed among 100 best information campaigns in the world on the protection of freedom of speech according to Index Censorship, received works on the main and special themes. This year’s special theme is “Women. Equality. Politics” was complemented by works on the struggle for women’s rights in the countries of the Middle East. Among the works of  the main theme of the Contest, traditionally devoted to the protection of freedom of speech, most concern were addressed to the problem of spreading fake news.

610 works have been received for the competition in total . The project was attended by residents of 19 countries, including Iran, Italy, China, Macedonia, Poland, Singapore and Ecuador. Internet users from 93 countries visited the contest.

The best works of the competition are free to watch at the foyer of the metro station Maidan Nezalezhnsti until September 28, 2018, as well as in the America House until October 12.

Winners of the special theme “Women. Equality. Politics” are Ardalan Gavahi with the work “See!”, and Farshad Zarei, with the poster” Silent”

Ardalan Gavahi — «See!»


Farshad Zarei — «Silent»

Special Jury Award for Protecting Women’s Rights in Middle Eastern and African Countries Awarded to Farshad Isapuor for the poster Uncritical.


Nominees of the special Contest theme were: Ramin Behrouzi, poster “Stop censoring women“; Mohammad Soltani, poster “Stop Censorship”; Mahshid Hashemi, poster «Wоmen. Equality. Politics» – 1.

In the categories “Poem”, “Slogan”, “Text”, “Multimedia” the jury has decided not to select the winners.

The winners of the special theme of the Contest  were selected by the jury consisting of Nadezhda Babinskaya-Virna, media expert, journalist; Anna Dovgopol, coordinator of the “Gender Democracy” program of the Heinrich Belle Foundation in Ukraine; Tatyana Pechonchik, human rights activist, chairman of the board “Human Rights Information Center”; Irina Slavinskaya, coordinator of the “Pohava”campaign , radio producer “Kultura”, Nina Potarskaya, consultant of the International Women’s League for Peace and Freedom;

The winner of the main theme of the Contest is Lijie Yang with poster — Manаgement is not monitoring.

The nominees in the Image category were: Qiuwen Li, “Fake News“; Maria Kostiukovam, “Are you sure?” / Patricia Longawa, Fake news”;  Mingliang Li, “Big Brother is watching you“.

The winner of the main topic in the category “Poem” was Artem Polezhaka for the work of “Radio 200“.

In the categories “Slogan”, “Text”, “Multimedia” the jury has decided not to select the winners.

The winners of the competition were selected by the jury consisting of: Vera Baldinuk, journalist, editor of the magazine KORYDOR; Konstantin Martsenkovsky, designer, pictoric illustrator club; Maxim Lonochkina, activist, “Laboratory of Digital Security”; Yevgeny Semenenko, designer, Young Designers’ Association “Stoit”; Nastya Stanko, journalist, “Public”; Lubov Yakimchuk; poets, scriptwriters.


Anton Gusakovsky received a special award from the organizers for a series of posters on countering censorship and fighting for equal access of Ukrainian women to politics (links 1234, 56)


According to Internet users voting, the winners are:

“Image” — Samira Bashar;

“Poem” — Artem Polezhaka, “Radio 2000”;

“Slogan” — Leonid Gapeyev;

“Text” — Leonid Gapeev, “The internal voice was right?”;

“Multimedia” — Elena Khimchik, “Shakespeare will not write about us”.


5th International Contest “Stop Censorship! Citizens for free countries” is prepared under the Enhanced Public Sector Transparency and Integrity project, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine with financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark during 2015-2018.

The opinions, attitudes, and assessments contained in the report do not necessarily reflect those of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, the United Nations Development Programme or other UN Agencies.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is UN’s global network development, advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. UNDP cooperates with more than 170 countries and territories, helping them find their own solutions to global and national development challenges.

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